6th month repentance

So with the crushing pressures of school, work, bishopric, and baby, blogging or any form of journal entry has eluded me for the past 6 months. But I think there is still time to log back on here and add some of my personal ramblings. *Maybe* you can look for more frequent updates of the other blogs as well.

Lest you think nothing has happened, here is the executive summary of January-June in the Camacho household:

-January: bitter cold persists. We start weekly sports night at church, Manny reads A Death in the Family and takes one more class than he was supposed to in order to fit in a course on Energy Markets. Lorie leaves for Grandma's funeral and misses submitting a completed assignment by one day. The loving professor gives her a zero, docking off 10% of her final grade.

-February: Emmy gets her MRI and becomes the superstar of the doctor's office. We explore downtown and go to IKEA for a low-key anniversary. Manny starts the nightmare of tax preparation. His dad comes to visit and while loving Clear Lake and slightly poo-pooing the Woodlands, is utterly disgusted with Galveston. We were blocked off from doing anything due to Mardi Gras.

-March: Spring is beautiful in Houston. Manny begins his first quarter quell of the year (this is the term I give to the 4 months out of the year where I am in charge of assigning speakers, talking in primary, etc. etc.), both of us get behind on school due to March Madness and Jimmer-mania, and Manny goes on a lightning-fast loading for work in SLC. It was neat to be able to see a temple shining from within refinery gates. We also finally discover what Three Wolf Moon was.

-April: since the Final Four (and MVP crowning) takes place in Houston, we are able to meet The Jimmer. We also take advantage of the beautfiul weather to bike the seawall in Galveston. Lorie's parents leave on a mission, and we help them clean out a storage unit, pack, and send them on their merry way. We are entrusted with taking care of their mail and home. Emmy starts crawling.

-May: Starting to heat up. Houston is caught in a major drought . School is finally over and the Energy Markets class, while still being possibly the greatest course Manny has taken, was still a huge burden on the family. Lorie finishes all classes except two, and moves to a full-time (part from home) schedule at work, with a significant bump in pay. Emmy starts eating and getting into everything imaginable. We fly out to Portland to visit J&K and attend Mike's wedding.

-June: here we are. Drought finally ended this week, and things are looking up. We are both in intense coursework over the summer. Lorie's will end soon. We will still try and walk together for graduation though. We had a cake/service auction in the ward to raise money for girls' camp. It was a sweet time.

Brings us to today. I'm studying for a major marketing exam tonight, but have found myself burned out and instead looking up #palindrome s on twitter. Some of my favorites:

Never odd or even


Mr owl ate my metal worm

Devil never even lived

Go hang a salami. I'm a lasagna hog.

Ow, trollop! Pull a Gallup poll or two!

Illegal Immigrants

New article in the Atlantic today talks about how Georgia's immigration bill is driving away workers (surprise!) and causing a lot of trouble for the farms.
The economics seem solid behind this. Definitely a hot-button issue. Not sure if a president or legislature will ever get around to it unless something absolutely nuts happens.


Twitter Fail Message

via life without fries by daniel on 8/11/10

Well, this is a little too honest. When did twitter servers get an attitude?

Happy day. Got my car antenna back...

After four or five ping pongs in email, it's over.

I love a family where all the siblings have different cousins.


what people eat

what people do

what people say

what people believe